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Billy Kaplan from Young Avengers (Young Avengers Present: Wiccan & Speed)

Everytime that I read this issue I get upset! Billy looks beautiful, hot and so confident! I love the work that Alina Urusov did in this comic (is better than the other 5, in my opinion), but is so not Billy! Billy is akward and silly, sexy but in a weird way! Wiccan is my favorite character (and when I say favorite, I say favorite on DC and Marvel!), and I like him because I can see a lot of myself in this character. I’m silly and stupid like him, I’m akward like him, I’m assertive like him, I’m cute like him (ok, not that cute! rs) and I’m gay like him!! So no, I dont like this Billy Kaplan. Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung 4ever!! u.u

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    Just because parts of his personality are ‘silly, awkward and sexy’ doesn’t mean that’s all he is.
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    This is so true! u.u
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